Poem a day challenge – Feb 1

In honor of the February poem a day challenge I have written my very first double-Abecedarian (or even a single Abecedarian!) poem. For those who might not know, an Abecedarian poem has 26 lines, each line starting with successive letters of the alphabet (A-Z, for those who need further ‘splainin). The double-Abecedarian adds the challenge of Ending each line with the letters Z-A.

And… here it is:

Anything written too seriously would surely raise some oyez
By the marshal of the Court because, quite honestly,
Claiming otherwise would be dishonest to the faux
Decorum of the format of this verse. You must winnow
Every word and slice pretension with a shiv
For the meaning doesn’t matter. Remember: you
Gotta lotta letters, but so few lexemes you can use. Yet,
Have fun while you’re at it, and concede the deeper subjects…
If you’re “too serious” about your craft, then don’t bother!
Just relax, don’t self edit, and maybe take a tranq.
Keep your hands moving, don’t let your mind catch up,
Lest you enjoy listening to your ego screaming “STOP! NO!”
Maybe this won’t win an award, or land you on
New York Times’ best seller list. But, screw him
(Or her), not everything you write has to be written to sell.
Perhaps you can let your guard down just this once. Quick,
Quell that inner voice, and just write down PB&J.
Really, that wasn’t so bad was it? It’s not like I
Scrawled down something pretentious like Svaraj. With
This newfound bravado, and prosaic daring,
Unearthing serious verses should be a snap; however, If
Vainglory is what you are after, then this might be
Where you should get off. But, If you crave a mad
Xylol soaked passion that yearns to be lit, then this epic
Yarn may be just what you need to rekindle your vocab
Zeal. Now get out there and write your own stanza!


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