Poem a day challenge – Feb 11

I need to stop writing depressing poems, poems about breaking things open, or transforming things. Having a style is one thing, writing the same rutty thing over and over again is boring. But, then again, maybe writing in the same style over and over again is just as boring as writing about the same theme over and over again. Both need to be varied to be interesting. Its hard to write something challenging every single day, and easy to write what we know and are comfortable with. Tomorrow, I keep telling myself, I will write something better.

my cave

concave ribs, sternum invisible,
shoulders rounded, back hunched,
heart beating against its cage.

other boys point and laugh until
i am afraid to bare my skin, bare 
my truth, and sink into my cave

and wish that i could fold in unto
myself, collapsing like a blackhole,
sucking my body in until i disappear.

daily i must remind myself to lift
my chest like superman, broad and strong,
and to fold myself like hardened steel


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