Poem a day challenge – Feb 12

Yesterday I made a resolution not to write about breaking things open or trying to transform them, so today I spent the day trying to look at the world in new ways. And, what better way to see the world in new ways than through the eyes of a toddler.

In their eyes

the tiny, fresh mind of a toddler
sees everything as anything.

the sidewalk is a train track, the
footbridge – over 3 inches of water –
is standing over a great gorge.

his tiny hands pick up pebbles and
throws them down from his towering
height with a nearly silent “plip”

“more rocks dada!” he calls and
we are on a new quest, exploring
each inch of the great river

for the perfect rocks to heave
into the water, to listen for
the satisfying “ploop”,

to giggle and squeal with delight
as splashes arc through the air
and dapple our cheeks.

this great gorge, easily crossed
with a single stride by a great parent,
but frightening enough,

at least in their eyes,
to require holding your hand.


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