Poem a day challenge – Feb 16

There are many ways to find a prompt for poems when you are not quite sure what wants to be written. One of my favorite ideas that I have been eager to try are dictionary poems. My wife has a chapbook of Dictionary Poems, which is where I first heard of this prompt technique. With no physical dictionary handy, I simply searched for “word of the day” and used this link: http://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day/



that little e,
like the positive
sign of an electron
clinging to an atom,
is full of potential.
it transforms the
union of e + spouse,
charging them into
action, creating verbs
that excite, inspiring
dreams of the future.

will the marriage
dissolve in water
like the lopsided
ionic bond of
Na+ and Cl-,
or will they share
their energy and
passion, like the
covalent bond
of H2 + O?


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