NaPoWriMo: April 3 – Secrets

I was enjoying a Sister Spit performance at UCR tonight, which connected me with a memory about chalkboards, and how sometimes people write their secrets on them, secrets they can’t hold inside of them any longer for fear they will split in two.


Jeg går i seng med min lærer

someone thought they were sneaky,
writing their secret in Danish
on a study lounge chalkboard
at the university where i work.
i chuckle and helpfully
translate it to english
just below:

I am sleeping with my teacher

i wish i could have seen
their face when they saw it.
years later,
i wrote my own secret
on a different chalkboard:

My mother died two weeks ago,
I still cry every day.

it doesn’t need translation,
i wish i could have seen
the moment when someone
had the strength to erase it.
maybe it would help me forget
watching her slip away.


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